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SEAS Virtual Conference on Online Teaching

June 3, 2020

11:00am – 2:00pm

Hosted on WebEx.

Welcome to the SEAS Virtual Conference on Online Education! Given the current uncertainty and challenges, the conference will focus on effective online teaching practices to ensure we deliver the highest quality education to our students with flexibility, agility and inclusion.

The goal is to create cohorts across all disciplines in SEAS with similar course types; i.e. lab-based courses, project/team-based courses, etc. We also encourage the part time and adjunct faculty to form a cohort to discuss common challenges and opportunities.

The format is a plenary session and a series of topical breakout sessions. Each breakout session is designed around a pedagogy ‘theme’ – the expectation is that instructors will find these sessions relevant to the type of course they are teaching

At the end of the breakout session, participants are strongly encouraged to form cohorts to collaborate, exchange ideas, and develop and apply effective practices.

In these challenging times, we have a great opportunity to stand out and lead. The SEAS Ad-Hoc Committee on Online Education is thankful for your choice to step up to the challenge and ensure SEAS comes out a stronger school delivering high quality education. Thank you for your commitment and participation.


11:00am-11:30am Opening Session

Opening remarks by Dean Lach followed by the importance of student engagement across all courses by Shelly Heller.

Watch the Recorded Keynote

Opening Session Slides

Break 15 mins (11:30am - 12:00pm)

 12:00pm – 12:45pm Breakout Sessions:

  •  Part time/Adjunct faculty discussion
    • Lead: Rahul Simha (CS)
    • Co-leads: Michelle Bailey (MAE)
    • Content: A session for all part time and adjunct faculty to get together, discuss challenges, needs, share tips. The goal is to build a SEAS community of adjuncts/PT faculty to improve internal collaboration
    • Watch the Recorded Session
  • Teaching active learning/team based project courses
    • Lead: Jason Zara (BME)
    • co-leads: Pedro Silva (CEE), Joost Santos (EMSE)
    • Content: Discuss project based courses including but not limited to capstone, engineering orientation, team projects …
    • Recorded session coming soon

Break 15 mins (12:45pm - 1:00pm)

1:00pm - 1:45pm Breakout Sessions:

  • Teaching a lab based course
    • Lead: Shahrokh Ahmadi (ECE)
    • Co-leads: Megan Leftwich (MAE)/Yinlin Shen (MAE)
    • Content: Discuss options for courses that currently historically include physical lab components
    • Watch the Recorded Session
  • Teaching courses with coding
    • Lead: Lorena Barba (MAE)
    • Co-leads: Bhagi Narahari  (CS)
    • Content: Various ways to leverage the open source community practices and tools/platforms to effectively teach courses that contain coding components
    • Watch the Recorded Session
  • Teaching large and theoretical courses
    • Lead: Abdou Youssef (CS)
    • Co-leads: Pedro Silva (CEE)
    • Content: Discuss effective approaches to teaching theoretical courses and courses with large enrollments
    • Watch the Recorded Session


SEAS Ad Hoc Committee on Online Learning

Jason Zara, BME                                                   Pedro Silva, CEE

Shelly Heller, CS                                                   Shahrokh Ahmadi, ECE

Joost Santos, EMSE                                              Lorena Barba, MAE

Bhagi Narahari, Undergrad programs             Can Korman, Graduate programs

Shahram Sarkani, Online programs                 Raoul Gabiam, IT


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